“I am an eternal believer that anything is possible. If a full, rich, fun and purposeful life is what you are looking for, but have yet to achieve, then look no further.”

About Emma

I’m here to support and empower you to live in optimal Health and fully thrive mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’m passionate about helping you help yourself by discovering and owning your diamond within, and truly living from your innate potential. Is it time for you to take responsibility for creating and living the life you always dreamed of ? Together we can make this happen.

I am a multi skilled Therapist and Coach with 26 years of experience in the Fitness and Holistic Industry. I create individualised bespoke programmes of Transformation for my clients, specialising in Life Coaching, The Journey, and Reconnective Energy Healing.

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” ~ Carl Sandburg

Work with me

The honest truth is that each of the services I offer have quite literally transformed my life. These varied skills worked (and continue to work) for me and hundreds and thousands of others worldwide. My passion and my purpose is to help you do the same.

What would your life look and feel like if you invested quality time and energy in yourself? Book a 2 hour discovery session, where we will look at every aspect of your present life, along with how you think and feel about it. You will discover what needs improving, changing, releasing and healing for you to fully thrive on every level of your being.

This session provides the foundation in deciding the best path forwards from the below options.
(All available on Zoom)



A bundle of 8-12 hours of focussed sessions based on your wants and needs. This can be a combination of the modalities.



During this transformational 6 weeks you will have 2 x 2hour sessions a week where we will be diving in deep from the word go. All modalities will be covered as well as bespoke extras such as fitness, nutrition, meditation, breathing techniques, and discover your ego type sessions if required.



During this 12-week programme you will have 1 X 2hour session a week for 12 weeks. All modalities will be covered as in the 6-week package, however the slower consistent commitment gives you the opportunity to integrate the learning and healing over a longer period of time.



During this six month period, you will have 1 x 2 hour session a month in order to check in and ensure that the tools, learnings, healings and release are carried forwards effectively. This package presents the opportunity for you to navigate life whilst being supported and empowered from a distance.



– First Steps To Awareness
– Stress Reduction
– Meditation / Breathing
– Emotional Eating
– Discover Your Ego Type

The Retreat

Are you facing burnout? Overwhelmed by commitments, deadlines and responsibilities? Are you currently facing any physical, emotional or Health challenges? Why not take advantage of a one, two or three day personal retreat tailored to your needs which will give you the opportunity to relax, recharge and heal.

If deep down you are ready to make a shift and transform your life, and are ready to do it NOW, consider offering yourself the gift to travel inwardly where weeks/months of healing can be covered in a short space of time.

Time is our most precious currency and giving yourself this valuable experience will enable you to focus on your own desires, wants and needs in order to give your best self to those who are important to you.

Your Bespoke Retreat, incorporating all modalities shown on this site, will give you the freedom to fully immerse yourself in your personal healing Journey.

Book your discovery session now to plan and design your very own unique Retreat…

These retreats are available as a staycation for Dubai residents or for international travellers at Sunset House Jumeirah Beach.


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